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TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-16 - Frenzy & Buzzsaw (Reissue)

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[Pre-Order] TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-16 - Frenzy & Buzzsaw (Reissue)

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Full Deposit (Non-Refundable): $60
Deposit: $20
Pre-Order Deadline (SGT GMT+8): November 25, 2016
Estimated Arrival (in Singapore) (in Singapore): April 2017

Masterpiece Frenzy transforms from a robot to a mini-cassette and his purple and blue color scheme is reminiscent of his look in the G1 cartoon. He comes with his Thruster Gun weapons that can be held in his hands or stored on his back as well as the pink cassette case to store him in when in cassette mode. Frenzy also comes with two piledrivers that fit over his arms and they can also be mounted to MP-13 Soundwave's (sold separately) arms to form cannons or be combined with MP-15 Rumble's (sold separately) pile drivers to form Soundwave's sensor accessory.

Frenzy eagerly uses his powerful piledrivers to generate a high-pitched sound capable of disorienting and disrupting the electrical flow in targeted circuitry. However, Frenzy’s small stature and limited intelligence are irritants which earn him ridicule and serves to fuel his lust to fight and destroy with a single-minded obsession.

Masterpice Buzzsaw features a cartoon-accurate design and transformation sequence. His jet thrusters are fully integrated into the transformation. He has a hidden camera on a small flip-up tab on his head that is based on the camera that Condor used in The Transformers: The Movie. He also comes with a pink cassette case to store him in when in cassette mode.

Buzzsaw’s sophistication obscures an equally complex cruelty and an affinity for destruction. He kills his opponents with self-confidence and is capable of pinpointing and photographing a thumb-tack from a distance of 20 miles. He flies at a speed of 250 mph. He is armed with twin mortar cannons, and is his diamond-hard micro-serrated beak enables him to skewer virtually any enemy.

- self-respecting fans of Transformers
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

- Main Frenzy figure
- Main Buzzsaw figure
- Blaster x 2
- Hammer arm x 2
- Cassette case x 2

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