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TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-13 - Soundwave with Laserbeak

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(IN STOCK) TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-13 - Soundwave with Laserbeak

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MP-13 Soundwave transforms into his classic tape deck mode but is much bigger than the original G1 Version. His chest compartment opens and is scaled to accommodate the original G1 mini-cassettes as well as the new Masterpiece mini-cassette partners, including the included Laserbeak (Condor) cassette. There is a spring-loaded panel inside the compartment to allow up to three cassettes at once.

Soundwave comes with his concussion blaster and non-firing rocket launcher, but unlike the G1 toy they store in his back instead of becoming batteries for his tape deck mode. He also comes with the wrist-mounted sensor from "Fire on the Mountain" and has integrated speakers in his forearms. Other features include a complete Megatron gun, an empty energon cube that can plug into his chest panel, and a grid-pattern display that fits over the chest door.

Masterpiece Laserbeak or Buzzsaw (sold separately) can perch on the tabs of Soundwave's shoulders and forearms and the piledrivers for Masterpiece Rumble and Frenzy sold separately) can be worn on his forearms as cannons. You can also combine Soundwave's sensor with the piledrivers to form the link cable used to hook up to a larger monitor as seen in the Transformers animated movie.

- self-respecting fans of Transformers
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

Size: 12 inches tall in robot mode
Material: Plastic and Diecast
- Laserbeak (Condor) with case
- Energon cube with lid
- Display panel
- Concussion Blaster
- Megatron gun (pistol, scope, silencer & stock)
- Sensor

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