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Toys Alliance - Acid Rain - Moirah

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Like many Agurtans, Captain Moirah of the Corsac Quick Reaction Forces (attached to the 88th Sand Team) came from abroad. Her family traveled from the east - from the other side of the Estancian Gray Zone - to eventually settle in Baluard at the feet of the Tritan mountains. It was here that Moirah met another immigrant: Laina Djemai. The two became fast friends as well as rivals, each always seeking to outdo the other in daredevil feats. They even joined the army together, planning to form a deadly duo - but were ultimately given different assignments.

Promising to rise through the ranks and meet later, the two separated. Moirah was sent to the deserts of the Estancian Gray Zone she had crossed as a child. She found the sands to her liking, a place where her tempestuous personality and willingness to banter matched well with the gritty wit valued by the 88th. She was given over to the Corsac Quick Reaction Forces and gained a reputation for being the first in and last out, eventually resulting in her promotion to captain.

Recognizing her achievements, she was authorized by top Agurtan military leaders to equip leg bracers and boots of the AEGIS exoskeleton armor, further enhancing her agility and combat prowess. Recently she hasn’t heard from her friend Djemai, but she’s excited for the day the two finally reconnect and share war stories in one of the Baluardan dive bars of their youth.

- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- self-respecting fans of Acid Rain
- dioramas
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

Approx. height: 312mm

Set Contents:

  • Moirah figure
  • TAR-37 Assault rifle
  • T-82 Combat knife
  • AP2 Pistol
  • 2 Grenades

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