TakaraTomy A.R.T.S - Star Wars - Stormtrooper Otsumami Snack Server

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[Pre-Order] TakaraTomy A.R.T.S - Star Wars - Stormtrooper Otsumami Snack Server
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This sensor activated Stormtrooper snack server will generate sounds such as the phrases: "Don’t move" and "Freeze!", as well as the familiar blasts of their signature blaster rifles while dispensing snacks. That's not all! What makes this snack dispenser even more fun is that it comes with a special "party mode" in addition to the regular "normal mode". In normal mode, the machine simply gives you a small mouthful worth of snacks each time you activate it. But once you set it to party mode, the server will occasionally dispense at random a whole handful of goodies while a Star Wars theme song plays!

- lovers of novelty items
- self-respecting fans of Star Wars
- kitchens and parties!
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

Approx. dimensions: H230mm x W127mm x D160mm
Approx. weight: 0.63kg
3 AAA batteries required

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