TakaraTomy - Diaclone - DA-92 - Armor Wrap Combination Powered Convoy

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The Battle Convoy V-MAX A flight machine and a running machine are combined to form a cab-type vehicle, which can transform into a human-type decisive battle machine. The core, body, and back joints use the same connection joints as the verse system and can be linked with the already released Diaclone series. By recombining with the DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX (sold separately), you can build a Battle Convoy V-MAX that is unified in red/blue aircraft color.

The armor combination machine, Powered Greater, consists of two powered machines. Combine the flight machines and running machines to create the Battle Convoy V-MAX, and build a strengthened form for each machine.

The cockpit adopts a core compliant module system and builds the humanoid combat mech machines and combat support vehicles by recombining the units that make up the two aircraft.

The Powered Convoy can change into a huge battle machine by combining two machines, and can then change into the strongest humanoid battle mode, the Powered Convoy, with a simple one-piece transformation with no replacements needed. 

The attached battle support drone can be separated into a huge sword and shield for the Powered Convoy.

In addition, by combining the set with the DA-79 Battle Convoy V-SHADOW, you can build a powered convoy unified to the black body color.

- fans of Diaclone and Transformers
- shelf decoration
- toy connoisseurs
- lovers of highly detailed figures

Approx. height: 320mm

Set Contents:

  • Battle Convoy body A
  • Battle Convoy body B
  • 2 Guns
  • Bullet core (A)
  • Bullet core (B)
  • A-Mechanism
  • B-Mechanism (right)
  • B-Mechanism (left)
  • B-Mechanism (2)
  • 2 B-Mechanism (3)
  • Arm unit (right)
  • Arm unit (left)
  • Wing unit (right)
  • Wing unit (left)
  • L-Launcher
  • Bullet core (C)
  • Bullet core (D)
  • Weapon (A)
  • Weapon (B)
  • 4 Weapons (C)
  • Joint parts
  • 4 Diaclone Member Ver.2.0 figures
  • 2 Seals
  • Brochure
  • Instructions

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