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TakaraTomy - Transformers Generations Selects - TT-GS10 - God Neptune

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[Pre-Order] TakaraTomy - Transformers Generations Selects - TT-GS10 - God Neptune
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Pre-Order Price: $240
Deposit: $80
Pre-Order Deadline (SGT GMT+8): June 7, 2020
Estimated Arrival (in Singapore) (in Singapore): Q4 2020 - Q1 2021

God Neptune is the combined form of the Predacon-aligned Seacons from the Transformers Beast Wars II cartoon that aired in Japan in 1998. Combine sword accessories to form trident weapon accessory that God Neptune figure can hold.

Comes with 5 figures, shield, 5 sword, and 8 blaster accessories. Also includes fist and feet attachments for combiner mode. Figures include Seacons Halfshell (torso), Sea Phantom (right arm), Coelagon (left arm), Terrormander (right leg), and Scylla (left leg).

Each figure converts from robot to beast mode and together combine into God Neptune figure

Includes weapon accessories that were not included in the original 1998 toy release


- self-respecting fans of Transformers
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs
- dioramas and recreation of scenes from the anime
- kids

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