Play Arts Kai - Marvel Universe Variant - Iron Man (Limited Color Ver.)

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[Pre-Order] Play Arts Kai - Marvel Universe Variant - Iron Man (Limited Color Ver.)
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Iron Man first appeared in Marvel comics in 1963, and his popularity soared to new heights in 2008 when he was featured in the eponymous smash hit live-action film. His ninja-like physique is emphasized in his sleek suit, which incorporates a new pearlescent white and metallic silver color scheme.

The panels and plating of his suit are inked in to elevate his refined mechanical image like never before. There are several special effect pieces included, such as the repulsor rays from his palms, jet emissions on his feet, micro-missiles that project out of his thighs, flaps on his back, and air brakes on his legs that open and close, to exemplify the functionality of his suit. With an even more brilliant sense of presence, this figure goes beyond mere “collector’s item.”

Figure includes display stand

- collectors of Play Arts Kai
- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- dioramas and recreation of comic and movie scenes
- self-respecting fans of Marvel and Iron Man
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs


FIGURE SIZE: Approx. W4.3” x D2.3” x H11”

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