TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-36 - Megatron

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[Pre-Order] TakaraTomy - Transformers Masterpiece - MP-36 - Megatron
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Get this fully transformable figure of the Megatron from TakaraTomy's Transformers Masterpiece lineup!

Megatron should stand at around 12" tall - equal in size to his nemesis, Masterpiece Optimus Prime. In order to get such a hefty robot, this is going to be one huge gun! Megatron will be a Walther P-38, as he should be, and will be the defining action figure version of Megatron that we've always wanted.

- self-respecting fans of Transformers
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

- Scope
- Silencer
- Stock
- Blaster
- Energon Mace
- 1 interchangeable chest (Damaged Version)
- Chain
- Laser Dagger
- Vector Sigma Key
- Head Gear
- 3 different face plates (one of them damaged)

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