JND Studios - Kojun Works - KJW002A - The Dark Knight Trilogy - Bruce Wayne (Type-A) (1/6 Scale)

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1:6 Bruce Wayne by KOJUN Works is important in many ways. It is the very first Bruce Wayne figure involving the KOJUN Works technology. This technology was applied for the 1:6 Joker to create the hunched-over posture of the character. But for the 1:6 Bruce Wayne, collectors will be able to enjoy the extremely detailed silicone and silicone painting techniques of KOJUN Works that change the game for 1/6 action figures.

We also have the armory that comes with the figure. The armory is an element that connects Bruce Wayne to Batman. Normally to a collector the Batman armory may be merely one of the accessories or one element of the diorama. But the Batman armory by KOJUN Works was developed to be an integral part of the collectible item for this project. The armory exists in the Batcave, so the top of the base was designed to be the floor of the Batcave. Even without a diorama set up, this element will help establish the space, thus lending itself in display to a more immersive experience.

JND Studios’ strength has always been the details expressed in the smaller scale. Of course, it gets more difficult as the scales get smaller, but the effects are also magnified, the smaller the scale. For the 1:6 scale Bruce Wayne, we have the perfect Bat-suit in his armory. And with the dual base, you can now make a tiny adjustment to set up the Bat-suit to reflect the dual version of the 1:3 scale. 1:6 scale Wayne and Batman can be on display at the same time, The Joker can replace any one of the figures, and all 3 can also be displayed - thanks to the addition of the dual base. 1:6 Bruce Wayne and armory will help to exceed the expectations of our collectors.

- collectors of JND Studios
- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- dioramas and recreation of scenes from the movies
- self-respecting fans of Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman
- toy connoisseurs

Scale: 1/6
Approx. height: 360mm
Materials: See below

Set Contents:

  • Measurements: Single base and figure - W155 mm * W155 mm * H360 mm
  • One (1) head sculpt with silicone skin, magnetic glass eyes and invisible-neck-joint features
  • One (1) body with Wayne wardrobe
  • One (1) Batman bust
  • One (1) single base
  • One (1) pair of PVC hands
  • One (1) pair of invisible-wrist-joint silicone hands
  • Two (2) Batarangs
  • One (1) magnetic eye control pen

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