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Green Wolf Gear - GWG-011 - British Royal Marines REORG - Tom Hardy (1/6 Scale)

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[Pre-Order] Green Wolf Gear - GWG-011 - British Royal Marines REORG - Tom Hardy (1/6 Scale)
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Pre-Order Price: $325
Deposit: $105
Pre-Order Deadline: July 10, 2018
Estimated Arrival: Q1 2020

This figure has been been designed by the Royal Marines REORG team and has had the head based on Hollywood actor Tom Hardy. Tom is the Head Ambassador for the REORG Charity and has given his permission to have it based on himself. Tom was available throughout the process and advised at each stage of the head design before giving his final approval.

All proceeds for the sales of these limited edition figures are going back to the Royal Marines charity to help support those serving, retired and injured veterans. This is a really good cause please get behind and support it.

- lovers of highly-detailed military figures
- fans of Tom Hardy
- collectors of Green Wolf Gear
- dioramas
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs


  • British Royal Marine figure
  • Royal Marine Beret (Designed by the Royal Marines)
  • T-Shirt
  • MTP PCS Pants
  • VIRTUS MTP Body Armour
  • VIRTUS MTP Hydra pouch
  • MTP Ballastic Groin Protector
  • Virtus MTP Padded Belt & Yoke
  • 2 VIRTUS MTP Mag pouch es
  • VIRTUS MTP Frag Grenade Pouch
  • VIRTUS MTP Radio Pouch
  • 2 VIRTUS MTP Utility Pouches
  • VIRTUS MTP Baynet & Sheath Pouch
  • VIRTUS MTP Pistol Mag Pouch
  • VIRTUS MTP Dump Pouch
  • VIRTUS MTP Smoke Grenade pouch
  • Revision Glasses
  • VIRTUS Helmet with MTP Cover
  • AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Goggles
  • NVG Mount
  • VIRTUS MTP NVG Counterbalance Weight
  • PRC-152Radio
  • Folding Antenna
  • Bowman Command PRR
  •  Bowman Headset
  • L85A3
  • Spectre DR & X1 Holograhic sight
  • LLM003 & Remote switch
  • Foregrip Bipod
  • Magpul E-Mags
  • L85 Sling
  • Glock 172 x Glock 17 Mags
  • Radar 1957 Holster
  • Leather ALTBERG Boots
  • Oakley SI Pilot Gloved Hands
  • British Issue G10 Watch
  • Glock 171
  • Commando Dagger
  • 3 Garmin GPS
  • L132A1 Smoke Grenade
  • L109 Frag Grenade
  • 3 Chemical Light sticks
  • L85 Bayonet and Sheath
  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Chemical light stick and Holder
  • Patrol Notebook
  • Inner Duty belt
  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Camelbak Bladder & Tube
  • 3 Commando Brigade Patch
  • REORG Patch
  • Raven Patch
  • ZAP Patch

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