Blitzway - SML Wars - SS 002 Escape Pod Ver. (Pod Only)

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Following their first project, ‘SML WARS SS 001 Spacecraft,’ the newly revealed ‘SML WARS 002 Escape Pod’ is conceptually designed around the story of a monster space soldier using an Escape Pod to land on an unknown planet.

The front-facing door of the Escape Pod features a sliding mechanism, allowing for smooth opening and closing, resembling the operation of a real spacecraft door. Two buttons located on the top of the backside of the capsule are used to deploy the escape pod’s deceleration device.

Additionally, pressing the two buttons located on the bottom of the backside reveals the emergency rations, medical kit, and ground drone stored in the cargo hold.

The interior of the escape pod is meticulously detailed, resembling the interior of an actual spacecraft, complete with safety bars. Moreover, the pod is equipped with 10 LEDs inside, as well as LEDs within the space soldier’s helmet visor, enabling dynamic lighting effects to enhance the immersive experience.

The SML WARS 002 Escape Pod, a collaboration between the artistic sensibilities of Sticky Monster Lab and the technical expertise of Blitzway, allows you to land on an unknown planet alongside the monster space soldier. Dive into the adventure now!”

Approx. height: 315mm
Materials: ABS, LED, magnet

– Highly detailed ESCAPE POD.
– Precise and highly detailed equipment.
– 10 LED Light-up function on the ESCAPE POD.
– Various items for Space Soldier’s survival. (e.g. Medical Kit, Ground Drone, Emergency
– The ‘SML WARS 002 Escape Pod’ is fully compatible with the ‘SML WARS 001 Spacecraft ver.’ Space Soldier Figure, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the figure between the two versions.

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