Blitzway - Premium UMS - Cutthroat Island (1995) - Morgan Adams (1/6 Scale)

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[Pre-Order] Blitzway - Premium UMS - Cutthroat Island (1995) - Morgan Adams (1/6 Scale)
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Under the background of the Caribbean Sea in 1668, the “Morning Star” ship crosses over the deep blue sea. Waving it's skull flag, the brave and beautiful pirate captain Morgan Adams embarks on a treacherous journey to avenge her father and find treasure.

Blitzway proudly introduces the Morgan Adams Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. Based on the likeness of Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island, the attractive pirate captain from your childhood that made you dream of becoming a pirate and going on mystical adventures.

The head sculpt and paint precisely captures the strong yet beautiful Morgan Adams from the film. This collectible figure features a refined pirate costume, many various props, a specially designed 'Morning Star' stand and the adorable "King Charles" the monkey! 

- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- dioramas and recreation of movie scenes
- self-respecting fans of Cutthroat Island
- toy connoisseurs

The Morgan Adams sixth scale collectible figure specially features:
- Highly detailed likeness of Geena Davis as Morgan Adams in Cutthroat Island, 1995 Portrait
- Newly designed and developed female body with over 20 points of articulations
- Newly developed face with movie accurate facial expression and make-up
- Long curly realistic dark brown hair transplant
- Approximately 29 cm tall
- 8 pairs of hands including:
-- 1 pair of hands for holding telescope
-- 1 pair of gloved hands for holding swords
-- 1 right hand for holding pistol
-- 1 left hand for holding sword
-- 1 right saluting hand
-- 1 left hand for holding bottle

- 1 dark navy tailored pirate jacket
- 1 authentic white shirt
- 1 pair of red inner pants
- 1 pair of dark navy pirate pants
- 1 black pirate hat
- 1 red cloth belt
- 1 pair of long leather boots
- 1 pair of monkey pants

- 1 King Charles the Monkey
- 1 liquor bottle
- 1 necklace
- 3 treasure maps
- 1 short sword and sheath
- 1 long sword and sheath
- 1 flintlock pistol
- 1 powder keg
- 1 belt set
- 1 telescope
- 1 marine chart
- 1 wanted poster
- 1 designed diorama stand

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