Asmus Toys - LOTR017H - Lord of the Rings - Heroes of Middle-Earth - Boromir (Rooted Hair)

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[Pre-Order] Asmus Toys - LOTR017H - Lord of the Rings - Heroes of Middle-Earth - Boromir (Rooted Hair)
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This 1/6 scale figure features an authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Sean Bean as Boromir from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This fully posable figure features an Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body with over 32 points of articulation and includes interchangeable hands and weapon accessories.

- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- dioramas and recreation of movie scenes
- self-respecting fans of the LOTR series and Sean Bean
- toy connoisseurs

Detailed description of figure (by Asmus Toys):
Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Boromir from The Lord of the Ring trilogy.
- Asmus Toys  KP01A+ male body
- Approximately 29.5 cm tall
- Over 32 points of articulation

- An authentic likeness of actor from the film.
- One pair of relaxed posture hands
- One pair of weapon holding hands
- One pair of fist posture hands

Special features on Clothing:
- One elfish cape with leaf pin
- One pair of red velvet long sleeved undervest
- One pair of long underpants
- One blue leather robe
- One Godorian belt with sword sheath
- One pair of black boots
- One pair of Gondor vambraces
- One Boromir's  patterned velvet cape

Special features in weapons:
- One Boromir's shield 
- One single-handed long sword
- One small dagger
- One horn of Gondor

- One Asmus Toys figure stand

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