About Us


We are a duo of 10-year-olds trapped in the bodies of adults.

In our quest to rediscover the joy of opening up and playing with brand new toys on Christmas morn, we have discovered that we are no longer impressed by the action figures in the many kids' shops. 

That was until we found a group of like-minded people who want their toys to be of higher quality, or even more, to be as life-like as possible as if life itself had been breathed into them.

Our search for such toys began, and what followed shortly after was the creation of Marvelous Toys! We are the shop where you, a lady or a gentleman, a boy or a girl, young or old, whoever you might be, are able to get high-quality toys and action figures.

Whether is it to fulfil or relive your childhood dreams, getting gifts for a loved one, starting your collection, or you just love what you see here, Marvelous Toys is here to serve you!

But beware, the toys might just come to life when you aren't looking at them...


Jedi Grandmaster

The Hidden Hand