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Play Arts Kai - Dissidia Final Fantasy - Squall Leonhart


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Play Arts Kai - Dissidia Final Fantasy - Squall Leonhart
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Squall is a fan favorite amongst the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series. In Dissidia Final Fantasy , Squall’s proportions are sharper, and our sculptwork shows how meticulously we pursued accuracy in recreating his image. The paintwork is delicately applied throughout: it is evident in Squall’s intense expression, indicative of his personality; the accurate texture of his leather jacket and pants with the fur accents; the fine details in the gunblade which even have realistic splotches on the metal. In order to allow for versatile posing, this figure includes various wrist parts in its accessories. The collector can enjoy Squall’s heroic stance as he holds his gunblade, making this figure a must-have for fans of this iconic hero.

Figure Size (inches): approx. W 4" x D 2" x H 10" tall

- collectors of Play Arts Kai
- lovers of highly-detailed figures
- dioramas and recreation of scenes from the Final Fantasy VIII and Dissida
- self-respecting fans of the the Final Fantasy franchise
- decoration
- toy connoisseurs

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