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The Case for Nendoroids

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I'm not an avid collector of mini-figures; more of a one-sixth, Play Arts Kai and props guy. But it saddens me deeply to see how Good Smile's Nendoroids are so severely underrated among collectors. Hot Toys' Cosbabies sell like hotcakes so it shows that there are many collectors of mini-figures out there. I'm not here to make a comparison between Cosbabies and Nendoroids, as it's really like comparing chicken rice from a coffeeshop with that from Mandarin Orchard, but simply letting mini-figures collectors out there know of the mere existence of Nendoroids, and here are some reasons you should give them a try.


Cosbabies might be more well known because Hot Toys is already a well-established toy manufacturer. Good Smile's profile might not be as high as Hong Kong-based Hot Toys' in this part of the world, but it is a Japanese company; that in itself speaks a lot about the quality of their products. 


Despite their small size, Nendoroids are actually highly posable! And they can be used for dioramas and recreation of scenes from movies/anime/etc... Moreover, they almost always come with a huuuge range of accessories and interchangeable parts. One example is the DX version of Link from Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Good Smile makes lots of Nendoroids that are based on Japanese pop culture (e.g. anime, manga, video games, etc...), but it's often a misconception that Nendoroids are exclusive to that. They make Marvel, DC, Star Wars (just to name a few) Nendoroids too! Case in point are Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, Batman v Superman, Captain America, and Tracer from Overwatch, as shown above.

I hope I have at least piqued your interest in Nendoroids. You can check out our Nendoroid collection HERE!

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  • DCel: May 25, 2018

    I only have a Naruto Nendoroid as Cosbaby will never release one. Nendoroid is twice as expensive than Cosbaby. If Good Smile made their prices more competitive, maybe more collectors will buy. As good as the quality is, collectors collect and price is an issue.

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