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A Wacky Collection of Final Fantasy Memes

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Though Final Fantasy XV is still quite a long way from being released (September 30), E3 2016 (June 14-16) is coming up and FF15 will be the main highlight of the event. In case you do not know what E3 is, it's a yearly gaming convention, the biggest one! Every gamer will be looking forward to something that has been TEN years in the making!!

So, to get you into the mood for Final Fantasy XV, here are some memes that would hopefully crack you up :)

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Disclaimer: none of these are mine!!

He has an addiction problem...

With such standards, even I can be beat Squall in the looks department

*gasps* Square Enix predicted the future!!

When you in the wild, avoid running in circles...

I suspect that they are some racist undertones here... Maybe the fried chicken? But feels like something more... Care to enlighten me? But Kentucky Fried Chocobo sure sounds pretty ewww...

Yeap, I didn't do it either... 

Maybe Sin (the monster, not as in sin sin) is a fan of Blitzball...

Final Fantasy, bankrupting poor little motel owners since 1987

I wouldn't wanna be in the lady's shoes... Just give him a free meal!!

Actually, this might be quite an accurate depiction of teenagers LOL

Yes, it blew my mind too when they insisted on celebrating.

II always wondered why must they be called ribbons???

No caption needed

This one made me laugh the hardest! I googled and found no trace of CAFF's existence

Warning: If you haven't played Final Fantasy 8, avoid looking at the next image

I'm pretty sure they got the spelling wrong...

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  • Damien: July 14, 2019

    this is actually really funny and i love it :DDD I NEED MOOOORE

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